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Recently, I designed and started selling mini studded tumbler replicas and it became a “thing.” My kids think I’m so cool because I started a “thing” on the internet. Even better, they now want to be involved in the process (and I let them)! I love working with my kids, creating new items, and interacting with customers. I wake up each day, my mind buzzing with new ideas, thinking of what I will create next. My goal is that you feel the same excitement I feel when I’ve made that special piece to add to my own collection.  I love to see when someone has left a review, love to hear suggestions, and love making custom designs. Thank you for the amazing feedback. It makes my day!

About Me

 I am a lover of all things crafty. I should probably stick with one thing, or even a few things, but honestly I love to make everything! I have always loved the challenge of creating ever since I was a little girl. Although I’m past the days of M&M mud pies, my passion is stillthe same. Most of my items are things that I personally love and collect (or have collected at some point in time). While I make a variety of items, my most favorite things to make and collect are life-like miniatures. Over the past few years, I have been overjoyed to find that there are wonderful people out there that enjoy collecting the same things I do. This is why I starting selling. 

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